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Spices have been one of the few prized goods across the world for over centuries. Since 2021, we’ve been trading spices to the different parts of the world including the Middle East, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India and other countries. We import and export most of the spices available in the Indian and Bangladesh market including cardamom, cumin seeds, nutmeg, garam masala powder, cloves, peppercorns, etc. We deal with both cooking spices and the cooking seeds that are available in the market.

We ensure all the safety protocols are followed in the production and export and import of the spices. Quality check is conducted at regular intervals to maintain the quality of our imported and exported spice products. Our efficient logistics, well-equipped facilities that run on highly skilled manpower and reliable equipment makes sure that the spices reach their destinations in top-notch quality. We aim to provide a reliable and efficient distribution channel for the trading of spices and condiments.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Our products include cardamom, cumin seeds, nutmeg, garam masala powder, cloves, peppercorns, etc.


We have a skilled team that procures the best spices available from our trusted vendors based on our clients needs. Once the spices are procured, they undergo quality checks and are traded depending on the requirement. We have a team that makes sure that the best logistics are in place.


The spices that we export and import undergo quality checks to ensure the quality, safety and health standards are met all the time.

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